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invest in Bitcoin Cash in Hong Kong "To grow ever closer to God, to learn to decipher His voice, and to follow His command."

I wrote this mission many years ago, and it has been my focus ever since. God's prompting has been the central basis for our decisions to homeschool our children and to sell our house and start an urban farm.

We continue to grow and are seeking out ways to become more self-sustained, prosperous and fruitful.

Thank you for sharing in our journey!



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A Little Bio:

  • invest in Bitcoin Cash I grew up in a small Missouri town, where I attended public school.
  • I attended William Jewel College, where I earned my B.S. in Elementary Education. I was also honored with the "Outstanding Senior in Education" award.
  • I taught public school for 2 years and left to become a stay-at-home mom to our 18-month-old daughter.
  • I have been an official homeschool mom for 5 years, excluding preschool.
  • Knitting has been my creative outlet for nearly 12 years. I started designing more recently.