Easy Paper Flower Valentine Craft

Wednesday February 22, 2012


Finished Paper Valentine Flower



On the heels of Valentine's Day, we just happened to be at Kaleidoscope, a local kids' craft haven. There are several craft centers. The blacklight station tends to be one of my favorites, but this year, we stumbled on a fun craft idea: the paper flower Valentine. The paper flower craft is easy to make.







Paper Flower Supplies


Flower Craft Supplies

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Half sheet of tissue paper
  • Green construction paper (or cardboard colored with marker)
  • Ribbon











Making the Paper Flower Valentine


1. Fold the half-piece of tissue in half, lengthwise and roll at a slight angle to create the flower top.


Making the Paper Flower Top


2. Roll the construction paper into a small tube and connect with tape. Insert the flower top into the stem. Secure with tape and cover joint with a little bit of the ribbon.


Attaching the Paper Flower Top to the Stem


3. Secure a bow around and curl the ends (if you used curling ribbon) to complete your Valentine paper flower craft.




Finished Paper Flower CraftSample Paper Flower Valentine