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Working On My Latest Pattern



Tank Top MaterialsSo...reading Use, Adapt, and Design Knitting Patterns has REALLY amped me up on knitting design. I decided to take the next step...PLANNING A PATTERN BEFORE I BEGIN KNITTING.


What?! You say. Too bold.


Okay, maybe that's not a new idea to some of you, but it was a huge step for me. I've been designing patterns for a few years, but I've never really worked something out on paper before I begin.


So far, I've found that the math is really hard, and it takes a long time to get it all worked out the way I need it too. (Now I know why I was never that keen on writing before I began knitting. I'm not really all that patient.)


Anyway, the authors discuss how to write a pattern from your favorite sweater. I thought about my favorite tank top all torn up and waiting in the basket for me to attempt a mending or (more appropriate) throw away. (It's hard to part with one that's had my back covered...literally...for so many years!)


Light bulb...why not write a pattern for a similar tank top.


But that would mean finding a crazy small yarn...like embroidery floss or something. And I, my friends, am up to that challenge. I took out the smallest needles I had (size 1 dpn) to perform a little test. I took apart the four threads of a cheap cotton yarn (Lily Sugar and Cream). I knit a small sample to test the weight and feel of the potential fabric, and I LOVED IT.


Now, I actually considered untwisting the 4-ply cotton balls, but I realized that would take a long time. Believe me, I am bull-headed enough to do it if it came to that. Fortunately, I discovered Red Heart crochet thread at (forgive me) Wal-Mart. I bought up all they had in red.


Next, I purchased a pair of Addi Super Turbo Knitting needles...because I tried a pair once, and now I'm sure I'll never go back. (No, I am not receiving a commission on this one. They're really just that good!)


I made a gauge swatch with the new yarn and needles, measured out the dimensions on the tank top...adjusted accordingly...and filled in the math with stitches and rows for inches.


Knitting Design - Tank TopSo far, the project is going smashingly. Despite the TINY stitching, it hasn't really taken me that long to get the first side done. (Seriously...it's the Addi's.)


Then, I'll type up the pattern. Perhaps knit the project again to double check my numbers, and it's "off to press." Wherever that may be. I'm thinking about trying to submit it somewhere, or perhaps sell it myself on ravelry.com or craftsy.com?? Or maybe...just maybe...it will end up on this, my most beloved site. :)


Happy Knitting!


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