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Knitting Book Review - One Skein Wonders




One Skein Wonders:Yarn Shop Favorites. Edited by Judith Durant


I scored a borrowed book from a friend who is a beginning knitter. I've helped her with several projects in the past, and she was a little overwhelmed by the One Skein Wonders gift she'd received.


Honestly, it sat on my shelf for several months. (I tend to knit from my own patterns). But I was looking for an easy project on which I could use my scrap yarn one night. I picked up this book, and I was so pleased I had to share it!


Hand Knit Spiral Scarf

The first project I chose was a spiral scarf. They seem to have grown in popularity, and I'd been wanting to check out the technique.


Hand Knit Spiral Scarf

The pattern was so simple! I quickly memorized the rows, so I got to watch a movie with The Hub and knit it at the same time.


I love how it turned out! I'm thinking about adding tassles at the end (and optional addition).


The yarn is pretty interchangeable, since the size doesn't have to be exact. I think this one would be good for a child. I may knit one with a longer neck section for myself...may also try to increase the gauge for a varied texture...may even get kind of funky with it: use hand spun yarn and hand dye it or use a bulkier yarn.


It's so quick and simple, it's worth trying several ways. I don't have to worry about investing too much time in a failure. It's a two or three night...or one REALLY long night...knit. ;)


Hand Spun, Hand Knit Shrug

The second project I chose was a shrug, because I love to wear them as accent peices. (It helps emphasize my torso, which used to be quite lean.)


Hand Spun, Hand Knit Shrug

At first, I was struggling about knitting it, because I didn't really have the right gauge of yarn...but then I remembered my small stash of hand-spun yarn I'd made. (Since I'm a novice, it is completely uneven, but I thought it might average to the right gauge, and the texture would pop in this project).


Another hit. I didn't know if it was designed for an adult or child as I was knitting, but again...I didn't mind, since it was a quick knit, and I already had the yarn.


Turns out it is better sized for a child. So, it will make a great gift for my dear friend's daughter's birthday. ("Why not your own daughters?" you ask...because I keep giving knits to the little beauty queen...knowing she'll take care of them...it's Xander's turn, and I can't risk this one being worn down into the creek!)


I'm currently experimenting with the pattern...trying out a bulky yarn and larger needles and hoping it will be sized for me.


Happy Knitting!







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