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A Raw Wool Adventure


Bag of Raw Wool

I got connected with a local mini-farmer who sells goats milk. He told me about a buddy of his who raises Jacob's sheep. He thought he just wasted much of the wool, and he might be willing to give me some of it.


...So, my goat farmer friend called me up the other day and said, "It's shearing day...do you want to go get some wool?"


Jacob's Sheep Raw WoolI came home with four full fleeces of raw wool. You can literally feel the lanolin on it. I decided to spin it "in the grease."


I have started carding it with my hand-carders...I even managed to spin some of it (Not the best work, I'm sure...). I am completely a beginner, but I am getting more comfortable. I'm sure I'm doing much of it ALL wrong, but I'll learn as I go. Youtube has been an amazing resource so far!



Tuesday 7/12/2011...Knitting Blog

I'm getting much better at the carding part. I'm starting to understand how it all works.


Hand-Carding Raw Wool



I've been spinning from the rolags I make. It's still not perfect, but I AM finding that I get better (and more comfortable!) as I go.


Hand-Carded Wool Rolag


Ideally, I would take a spinning class. I know there is one offered in a yarn store I like, but it's too far away...and I am too cheap to pay for a class. That's a privilege I can't really justify right now. So, I get help from the internet...Joy of Handspinning is a very helpful sight, and YouTube has some suprisingly good videos, too.





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